What is Vibing?

That guy who gave up his seat for you on the train… The barista who made you that wickedly strong morning coffee… The colleague who covered for you when you were late to a meeting… Your best mate from school who checks in with you once a week just because…

We think positive thoughts about people like this on a daily basis, but in today’s fast-paced and frenetic world, we are often too shy or busy to let them know!

Vibing is an app that lets you discreetly send appreciation to any person who touches your life, however big or small. Using the app, you can quickly, seamlessly and anonymously (if you like) share a positive thought – a good vibe – with anyone in the world, near or far. At the very least, your good vibe will spread a little happiness and make them smile. But who knows – your good vibe could catch them at just the right moment and in just the right frame of mind, potentially altering the course of their life for the better!

What is a “good vibe”?

A good vibe is a positive thought one person has about another. A good vibe is more than just a message or string of text. You know how a hand-written letter means a lot because of the thought, sincerity and effort that went into it? That’s the feeling behind a good vibe!

What is our mission?

Every one of us here at Vibing has found that at times, browsing through social media makes us feel a little depressed. We are constantly comparing ourselves to (carefully curated versions of) others and coming up short. The irony is that while we are now more virtually connected than ever, studies are sadly showing that we are feeling more lonely than ever.

Since we are already on our phones nearly every moment of every day, why not use that superpower for good? We created Vibing to be an outlet for sharing appreciation, gratitude and positivity with real people in the real world (and, of course, as a way to receive such goodwill in return). Our mission is to create a more thoughtful world, one in which we feel included rather than excluded, appreciated rather than judged, and accepted rather than alienated.

How does Vibing handle trolling or abuse?

If we are trying to create a positivity movement in an app, it is vital that we protect users and shield them wherever possible from any kind of negativity within the Vibing platform and community. This is a tricky feat to accomplish, especially since the app allows one user to anonymously send a vibe to another user – trolls are notorious for hiding behind the shield of anonymity!

However, in the age-old battle between good and evil, “good” is far more intelligent. We have set up the platform from day one to display a user’s Vibe rating alongside any vibe they send (before it is read). Your Vibe rating essentially tells everyone how good a person you are, and therefore whether any vibes you send are worth reading. In this way, the Vibing network will only grow stronger and more resilient against negativity over time. Bad actors will quickly be weeded out and banished from the network while the good actors will remain and establish even stronger reputations of virtue.

How does the Vibing app earn money?

Right now, it doesn’t! As clichéd as it may sound, we started this self-funded project with altruistic motives and plan to continue in that vein. The app will remain free to download, and we vow never to subject its users to invasive in-app advertising.

If there are more people out there who share our vision and want to see Vibing and its community grow, we will likely seek external funding to support further development of the app. However, our first port of call will not be corporate suits lounging about a glossy table. Instead, we will turn to you – the users – and raise funds for Vibing through a public crowdfund. We believe that those who will help make Vibing a success should have a chance to share in that success.

I really believe in what you’re trying to do. How can I help spread the word?

We are always keen to hear from those who share our vision for Vibing, so feel free to drop us a line at any time at us@vibing.app. (You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook.) If you want to go a step further, we would be honoured to list you as a Vibing ambassador, and send you some Vibing tokens to share with your friends and family and help spread the word.

I have feedback about the app or an idea for a new feature. Who do I contact?

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the app, so any feedback you have – good or bad! – is wholeheartedly welcome at us@vibing.app. And if you have ideas for app features you want to see in future, please don’t hesitate to share! If others feel similarly, you may just find your feature shows up in a future version of the app. (We will happily give you credit and naming rights.)

My Vibing profile

What is my Vibing username used for?

Your Vibing name is public and is visible alongside your profile pic, but your Vibing username is private. You can modify either of these fields at any time when editing your Profile. Anyone in the world who has your username can send you a long-distance good vibe. Since vibes can be sent anonymously, this gives anyone with your username a lot of power. You should only reveal your Vibing username to your closest friends – people you trust.

What is my Vibe rating and how does it impact me?

Just like Uber’s passenger rating tells drivers how nice a passenger you are and Uber’s driver rating tells passengers how safe a driver you are, Vibing’s user rating basically tells everyone else in the Vibing network how good a person you are. Before someone decides to read a good vibe you have sent, they first check your Vibe rating. If it’s high, they will likely decide to read it. The higher your Vibe rating, the more value you add to the network and the more positivity you add to the community.

How do I collect my “referral bonus”?

If a friend encouraged you to download the app, you can nominate them as a referrer (through Settings). This will reward both you and them with free Karma!


What is Karma?

Karma is our internal points system used to power the Vibing network. Whenever you send a good vibe and someone chooses to read it, you’ll receive karma! You’ll then spend a little Karma every time you choose to read a good vibe someone has sent you.

Why does the Karma spent to receive a vibe and earned after sending a vibe seem to fluctuate?

There are some powerful little algorithms hard at work behind the scenes that try to ensure that everyone in the Vibing network is fairly rewarded based on how much positivity they contribute to the network. We strive to make sure these algorithms are just and true, but if you think anything unfair is going on, please don’t hesitate to let us know at us@vibing.app. We’re always looking for ways to make the network smarter, fairer and more rewarding for its users.

Sending good vibes

How do I send a vibe to someone I can see right now?

If you see someone near you and want to send them a good vibe, you first need to be checked in at your current location. Then, look for their profile picture in the app under “to someone nearby.” Once you have found them, simply craft your good vibe, opt to remain anonymous or not, and hit that send button. If you can’t find them, it is likely they don’t have the app. In that case, you can discreetly leave them a Vibing token so they know someone wanted to send them a good vibe.

How do I send a vibe to someone I know?

In order to send a good vibe to a friend, you first need to know their private username. Then, search for them under “to someone you know.” Once you have found them, simply craft your good vibe, opt to remain anonymous or not, and hit that send button.

What is gratitude?

Whenever you catch a good vibe, you have the chance to say thanks to the sender. (Perhaps they caught you just at the right moment when you really needed that shot of positivity!) However, responding to a vibe is entirely optional.

How do I send a vibe to someone who doesn’t have the app?

If one of your friends doesn’t yet have the app, you can still send them a good vibe if you have them listed as a contact in your phone.

Why do I have to be “checked in” to send good vibes?

If you want to send a good vibe to someone, there is a good chance someone near you might want to send one to you! And the only way they can send you a good vibe is if they can see you in the app. (Note that there is an option in Account Settings that lets you adjust your check in duration. The default is 90 mins.)

Catching good vibes

Why are received vibes locked?

Anyone can send you a good vibe, but they can’t force you to read it. You are the one in control. When you catch a good vibe, you can see the sender’s Vibe rating and how many vibes they have sent in total in order to make your decision. You are the one who decides whether or not you want to read it.

What is a “distance vibe”?

If you catch a distance vibe, it means someone who knows your private username has sent you a good vibe from afar. If you only share your username with those close to you, you know that someone in your close circle of friends has had a positive thought about you and sent it your way.

What do I do if I receive a toxic vibe?

While we believe that those who download the app and become part of the community share the Vibing vision for a more thoughtful world, it would be naïve not to assume one or two trolls will rear their ugly heads and try to abuse the system. We have a zero-tolerance policy for negativity, trolling or abuse, so if you receive a vibe that falls into one of these categories, please report it through the app.(You also have the option to block the sender.) We treat any reported vibes very seriously, and will take drastic action if the vibe is deemed toxic. In these rare cases, we can ban the sender from the network, and can give you Karma as a small measure of compensation for the hurt caused. Please know that by reporting the vibe, you will have done your part to help the network become that much stronger and more resistant to negativity in future. For that, we thank you – every little bit helps.